Client Services

SAI has several operations focused on different industries and geographies. Common to the services provided by our industry practices and regional offices is our field-oriented research methodology combined with strong industry knowledge. Each industry practice and geographic operation has adapted to the unique needs of its client base and business culture.

Please select an industry practice or region for a detailed description of client services:

SAI Industrial

SAI Industrial LLC is a global business consulting firm that provides business insight and decision support to clients throughout the entire value chain in select industries: chemicals, materials, equipment, automotive, building products, packaging, energy and related downstream markets.

SAI InfoComm

SAI InfoComm LLC is a global business consulting firm specializing in planning and strategy development for high-technology companies in the information technology, telecommunications and electronics industries.

SAI-Med Partners

SAI-Med Partners LLC is a knowledge-led global consulting firm providing high quality decision support to clients involved in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices and instruments, medical supplies and medical equipment.

SAI Asia

SAI Asia manages SAI’s activities in Greater China and other Asia-Pacific countries.

SAI India, Middle East and Africa

SAIPL manages SAI’s activities in India, the Middle East and Africa.