SAI Study: "Assessment of Policies in the Agriculture and Food Processing Industry in China"

In May 2014 SAI completed a comprehensive and thorough assessment of the policies in China in the agriculture and food industry.

The report covers the following:

  1. Seed Policy
  2. Fertilizer Policy
  3. Agriculture Production Policy (including crop protection products)
  4. Agricultural and Food Processing Policy
  5. Animal Feed policy
  6. Key changes expected to 2020
  7. Levels of enforcement
  8. Key industry participants
  9. Opportunities or threats for industry participants

As part of the subscription to the report, subscribers will also receive support from SAIís China-based agriculture and food project consulting team to provide additional insights on factors relevant to the subscriberís primary sectors of interest.

Delivered by SAIís experienced Agriculture and Food Consulting TeamÖ

SAI Asia has been a leading provider of market research and strategic analysis to multinational clients in China since the mid-1990s. Our China-based research team of over 50 consultants has extensive experience in the agriculture and food sector.

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Assessment of Industrial Gases Market in China

Western markets for industrial gases are mature and growing at GDP or slightly higher rates depending on the region, whereas industrial gases consumption in China is increasing rapidly.  The objective of the study is to assess the characteristics of the industrial gas market in China and the drivers and trends affecting the growth of the various end use market segments. The study will also serve as a source for competitor information on foreign and Chinese suppliers of industrial gases.

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