Market and Business Intelligence

The leadership at any firm is simply lost without the essential decision support provided by market and business intelligence. Quality intelligence will help guide the strategic direction of your firm and act as validation (or cause for reassessment) for decisions that are being made at both the operational and strategic levels of the business.

Business intelligence attempts to paint a picture of the entire environment in which the firm operates and includes market research, regulatory and government policy analysis, and analysis of the ecosystem.

In order to be successful, global market and business intelligence depends on having highly capable people operating “on the ground,” in the environment being studied. These people need to be skilled in methods of collection and analysis, and they need to be experts in the region in which they are placed. In today’s global business landscape, a worldwide reach is necessary because being present and intimately familiar with a particular market and suppliers is a huge advantage. Furthermore, the researchers “on the ground” have to be expertly trained and managed so that they are effective in obtaining the required intelligence, while observing all legal and ethical guidelines for research, both U.S. and local.

Finally, the business intelligence analysts will need to sift through the intelligence, weed out inconsistencies and errors, and develop useful insight into the issues of interest to the client.

Considering the value of good business intelligence to both strategic and operational decisions, it is practical to involve specialist organizations with seasoned professionals focusing on this function.

For nearly 40 years, SAI has been a leader in providing market and business intelligence services for major companies in many industries.